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Latest Tracks that I've written recorded in Nashville, but performed by exceptional session musicians

  Balance is the Word
- vocals by Rick Price

  Storm with you
- vocals by Doug Stokes

Other tracks written and performed by myself

  Heart of stone
  Your picture
  Praha 1


Birthdate: August 15th
Star sign: Leo
Favourite TV Show: Fawlty Towers
Most Hated TV Show: Big Brother
Favourite Movies: Papillon, Life is beautiful, Shine, Amadeus, I am Sam, Forrest Gump, School of Rock, Chopper
Favourite Songs: (excluding Beatles) Diary, Take the long way home, If you leave me now, Little Lamb Dragonfly, Telephone Line, Aubrey, Nails in my feet, Into Temptation, Walking on the spot, God Only Knows, Waterloo Sunset, Turn, Writing to reach you, Show me how to live, Message to my girl, Fernando, Woman in Love

Ultimate God: Paul McCartney
Other Gods: Muhammed Ali and Barry Gibb
Best Experiences: Paul McCartney looking down at me in the front row (Helsinki, Finland concert Summer 04) smiling, noticing my t-shirt saying, "I've come from Australia to see you Paul'.

Performing my original songs with my mate Michael Carpenter in Los Angeles, Hollywood in a venue called The Joint.

Mastered my ep Bridges at Abbey Road Studios in London, and stood in Studio 2 where The Beatles recorded probably 80% of their songs.

Shaking hands and meeting Barry Gibb
Funniest Experience: Accidently stumbled into a house party in Los Angeles (just off Sunset Blvd) and I virtually got the whole party gathered around the piano, from playing and singing songs for them. I didn't know any of the guests, but they were that drunk you could see they were trying to figure out who the hell I was… but it didn't really matter…
Scariest Experience: Getting robbed in an underground strip club by Mafia in London…

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