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Latest Tracks that I've written recorded in Nashville, but performed by exceptional session musicians

  Balance is the Word
- vocals by Rick Price

  Storm with you
- vocals by Doug Stokes

Other tracks written and performed by myself

  Heart of stone
  Your picture
  Praha 1


About Charlie:
In 1996, my girlfriend at the time who worked in a child care centre, told me of the lack of talent that is supplied to the children at her centre. I listened carefully and tried to think of a way as to earn a little extra money in the day by entertaining kids. I thought it’s not me to get up there and act like a Wiggle in a skivvy…I would have to be hidden like an ‘Agro ’puppet for example, then entertain. So I came up with an idea of a cool, little boy style puppet. I eventually found a puppet maker (an absolute nightmare...but never mind) and described what I wanted. A couple of my friends and I wrote down what names would suit the look of the character. The name we ended up with was ‘Charles’, then eventually ‘Charlie’.
I put so much money into this project it’s not funny. From self funded cd’s, books, posters, pads, t-shirts, caps, bios,  the cost of the live show with props, extra sound gear etc, and a $4500 video clip which turned out absolutely terrible, I couldn’t send it away let alone get rejected.
I found a wonderful girl named ‘Rose’ who interacted with the children while I operated Charlie. We performed in Child care centers and in the Queen St Mall on school holidays etc. As I mentioned earlier I wrote the Charlie’s Bedtime book (which was planned to be a series) and a Charlie cd (little kiddy melodies which I had left over from other songwriting attempts, for example Ob bla di ob bla da and Octopus’s Garden). I got some serious interest from Sony Music and the guys who signed ‘Hi 5’…but it fell through as usual. In the end there was not enough work for the Charlie show, and I had to make the most of what I had achieved.

It is now September 2008, 12 years after I created 'Charlie'. I am now looking at getting Charlie rebuilt for a third time.... poor little kid, after all that plastic surgery!




�Charlie�s Bedtime� book also available!

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