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Latest Tracks that I've written recorded in Nashville, but performed by exceptional session musicians

  Balance is the Word
- vocals by Rick Price

  Storm with you
- vocals by Doug Stokes

Other tracks written and performed by myself

  Heart of stone
  Your picture
  Praha 1


Adam Power and The Theory have been working consistently throughout Eastern Australia and overseas since 1993. Having performed the widest scope of venues imagined, The Theory’s expertise is versatility in the songs they perform, and to please the particular audience that is present.
This act consists of guitar, bass, drums/percussion and of course….vocals. Adam Power and The Theory can be performed either solo, duo or trio, whichever is the venues request.


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"Imagine" the John Lennon Experience

Singer and songwriter John Lennon is undoubtedly one of the most commercially successful and critically acclaimed acts in the history of popular music.

IMAGINE is the ONLY show to emerge from Australia that brings you the legendary songs from Lennon's celebrated partnership with Paul McCartney during the Beatles era from 1960-1969 PLUS the solo masterpieces from the 1970 to the night of his dramatic departure in 1980 when he was shot outside the Dakota apartment building in New York.

IMAGINE now reincarnates and delivers to the world the timeless music in authentic character down to the very last detail from costumes to startling vocal and musical accuracy.

You will be taken on a journey through the phenomenal life of this amazing icon starting with classics such as Like Starting Over, Watching The Wheels, Mind Games, as well as the touching beautiful melody of hits like Woman, and of course Imagine. Then dance the night away with hit after hit from the most successful rock act of all time - The Beatles!!!

Were The Beatles more popular that Jesus, as Lennon controversially stated in 1966? You be the judge. This is a show not to be missed!

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'Adam Power'
0421 191 796

Adam Power Biography

I remember the night of December 8 th 1980 and my dad telling me someone had shot a man named John Lennon (My dad pointed to the picture of Lennon inside ‘The White Album’). Upon hearing that news, ‘ Imagine’ was also playing in the background while I was mesmerized by this photo of John Lennon. So from then on I pretty much ditched ‘Kiss’, and became a dedicated Beatle fan…and I am still to this day.

At aged eight I approached my dad to teach me how to play guitar (Dad was then in his prime years of rockin). So he handed me his Guild electric, and taught me some chords which I
attempted for years, and got really frustrated. Around that time my parents bought me a Yamaha JUMBO acoustic. Now a jumbo size acoustic for an 8-10 year old is pretty difficult to handle.
I started getting really pissed off. I practiced now and then, but the guitar spent most of it’s time under my bed, and I then turned to Martial Arts (thanks to Bruce Lee movies) until I was 15.

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